TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! … and some other stuff going down this week.

19 Apr

Toga Party @ The Roundhouse

Been waiting for an opportunity to get your John Belushi on and party down in your bed linen? Well lucky for you the lovely folks at ARC & The Roundhouse are giving you a very good excuse to do so this Thursday. Yes this Thursday, which means you get to sleep through your hangover into Good Friday. Genius! The night will be super wallet friendly too, and not just because your costume will merely consist of a sheet you stole from your housemate’s bedroom. Entry is free all night for ARC members and before 8pm for everyone else. You can hit up the round house website <; for more info, including how to make a toga (which I recommend you do people, we don’t want to be witnessing wardrobe malfunctions all night!!)

Hip Hop Karaoke

Hey guys, someone made karaoke cool again! Impossible you say? Umm, I think again nerds. Tomorrow night come to GoodGod Small Club to witness the magical genius that will Hip Hop Karaoke! Tomorrow’s going to be a 420 Edition, so if you can pull off a decent Snoop impression you’ll be most welcome. However, don’t worry too much if you’re not an aficionado of the hip-hop. The night is all about letting loose, having a laugh and cheering really loudly. Entry is $5, but you’ll score yourself a free drink if you perform so the night pays for itself! The night starts at 8, but get in before 7 for $15 margarita jugs! More info here <>

We Had Parties

This five-day weekend is going to be pretty awesome! If only we could celebrate by combining all of Sydney’s best club nights into some sort of clubbing supernova for the ages. Well guess what, it’s happening! We Had Parties will be brought to you by the folks from Last Night, MUM, Girl Thing, Teen Spirit, F.R.I.E.N.D/s, Ghetto Blaster and P*A*S*H. The “Rumble in the Jungle” theme will be spread over both levels of the Gaelic, so prepare to get your fight on downstairs in the boxing room, or head upstairs to get wild in the jungle room. Thank goodness you’ll have two whole days to recover! Tix here


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  1. Weekly Diary ~ numero uno « aroundsydney - April 23, 2011

    […] and the bf headed to Reverse Garbage on Taylor Square to find some cheap toga materials for the next night’s shindig. That place is so insanely good! This is RG’s second store (their main base is in the Addison […]

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