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Gore on show & indie cred for sale

4 Apr

A Night of Horror International Film Festival

A festival of blood, screams and all things gore. How lovely! Kicking off last Thursday, the festival program is brimming with some of the best local and international films out there, alongside a few special events. Fans of fright will be able to enjoy a mixture of contemporary and classic horror features, as well as short film screenings and workshops. There will even be a horror screenwriting forum this Thursday night, where some of the brightest filmmakers from the festival will be dishing tips on everything from writing a great horror story to getting that story on the screen. Check out the website for everything that’s happening this week – http://www.anightofhorror.com/

Garage Sale Trail

Love trawling through people’s garbage but hate lurking around at night to avoid angry neighbours? Well you’re in luck my friend. This weekend garages around the country will be opened up to junk collectors of all sorts as part of the national Garage Sale Trail. Wether it’s comic books, retro furniture, old records or vintage threads you’re after at one of the hundreds of garage sales already registered in Sydney. Even the City of Sydney Council is getting involved, hosting garage sales at Glebe and Surry Hills libraries as well as providing maps to the best spots in those suburbs. Find out more about what’s on sale and where here;  http://www.garagesaletrail.com.au/ or just wonder the streets on Sunday until you find something rad!


Liven up your weekend with queer cinema, a derelict power station, cheap fancy food and a few of my favourite things!

24 Feb

Weekend off?

Not any more!

Here’s 3 very different things you can do to liven up your weekend a tad.

mardi gras film festival

Like mardi gras season? Enjoy watching great independent films from all around the world? win-win!

The Mardi Gras Film Festival is on for 2011 with many great films playing at various cinemas all around the city. Take a look at the website for more information


open day @ white bay power station

Wanna roam around a decommissioned power plant on Saturday? Why the hells not?

Plus lunch is sorted with a sausage sizzle organised by the Lions Club.

hit it up – http://www.shfa.nsw.gov.au/sydney-Our_places_and_projects-Our_projects-Bays_Precinct-White_Bay_Power_Station_Open_Day.htm

march into merivale

The March into Merivale festival kicked off on Monday, haven’t been yet but I’ve been browsing the menu’s of the participating restaurants and it looks mighty fine. Basically what’s happening is you pay $33 for a one or two course lunch or dinner, plus a glass of wine or beer at one of Merivale’s plethora of restaurants.

Check out what’s on offer here:


Added bonus, if you get a meal at every restaurant stamped off on your passport, you get a $100 meal voucher @ Merivale. Sweet deals!

sing-a-long sound of music

Remember those rainy Saturday afternoons spent watching Julie Andrews running around mountains, wishing you had a cute (yet sadly Nazi snitch) boy to guide you from being 16 going on 17 and begging at the TV for Captain Von Trapp to just please for the love of god TAKE MARIA BACK AS GOVERNESS! THE BARONESS IS A SKANKOVIC AND A HALF!

We all did that yeah?

Well know you can do it all again in the company of a whole theatre of people! And you get to sing all your favourite songs with them! Yay!

And apparently there’s a costume parade. Go on, you’ve got some brown paper & string lying around.

More info and tickets here – http://www.singalonga.net/australasia/index.html

Don’t forget, there’s a myriad of markets, exhibitions and club nights happening all over the city this weekend! As this blog gets going we’ll be adding more info & reviews for some of the more established weekend events around sydney.

Your friends,