TV, dinosaurs & sexy stories

10 Apr

Jurassic Lounge

If you haven’t yet experienced the radness that is Jurassic Lounge, then why the flip not? Remember those trips you used to take to the Australian Museum as a kid? You were freaked out by the skeletons and found the stuffed birds sooo boring. Well now imagine the same setting with a drink in hand, DJ’s spinning in the background and plenty of mood lighting. Awesome right? But sadly next Tuesday will be the final night of the program. Make sure you’re there for the usual live performances, torchlight tours and Silent Disco as well as face painting, VJ’s, short films, and local artist Houl painting up a storm. Entry is $15 and includes a free drink. Head here for further deets –

Erotic Fan Fiction Readings

Forgive me. I couldn’t not write about this. I saw it on the City of Sydney website and it made me laugh so hard. For those of you unacquainted with the world of erotic fan fiction, it’s basically the practice of turning your favourite stories, characters and idols into something into something gross, yet sometimes hilarious. This cultural phenomenon is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a fairly large scene in Sydney. Even the Sydney Writer’s Festival is bringing their EFF event back for another year! So if you enjoy creative writing with a seedy twist, head along to Surry Hills library this Thursday from 9-10pm. If this isn’t all ready too much information, check out the website here

Friday on My Mind @ AFTRS

After a long week of work/uni/whatever, you’re always aching for some more brainfood yeah! Well the Australian Film, Television and Radio School has got you covered, with talks every Friday with some of the most renowned members of the Australian media industry. Former speakers have included documentary makers, screenwriters, animators and film directors working on everything from All Saints to Happy Feet. Talks take place 5-6pm at AFTRS HQ in the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter and seats are strictly first in, best dressed! You can find out more info here –


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