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Weekly Diary ~ numero uno

23 Apr

What I got up to this week!

Monday morning: Bondi Junction

I had my kid sister staying with me for a couple of days and thought it might be nice to show her around. Originally hailing from the Central Coast, my family never really gets to see much of Sydney outside the CBD itself. Sooo, where to take a grumpy young teenager who probably won’t be impressed no matter where you take her?

I picked Bondi Junction/Beach. Kids like those, right?

First I took her into the behemoth that is Bondi Junction Westfield. Hmm… it wasn’t exactly a winner. As much as I like the place for all the crazy designer furniture and pretty expensive dresses I will never be able to afford, the sister was completely indifferent. Fair enough. I even showed for the amazing view from the beautiful level five food court (you can right down into the Harbour!). Her response?

“Can I get Maccas?” Uhh, I guess. And off we went.

Monday afternoon: Bondi Beach

After lunch we headed to the bus interchange and hopped on the 381 to the beach. We got really lucky, it was such a beautiful day and the place was so quiet! We hopped off by the Pavillion and decided to attempt a section of the Coastal Walk. My goodness did we make the right decision! After craning our necks as we walked past Icebergs on the off chance of seeing some kind of C-lister, we made our way to Marks Park.

I’d done the section from Bondi to Tamarama before during last year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, but the works must’ve distracted me from the beautiful view. Seriously, if you ever need to inject some natural rugged beauty into your day, then do it here! We looked out at the ocean for ages in the vein hope of spotting a dolphin, or at the very least some type of interesting seabird. Lucky for us there were plenty of birds and whilst they bored my sis, I liked watching them hang still in the air as the sea breeze held them up. Simple pleasures! We left after spotting a keen as fisherman setting up camp on a very dangerous part of the rocks as the tide came in. It was mutually decided that we could do without seeing someone die that afternoon.

As we headed back onto Campbell Parade I suggested we get ice-cream. And in true fashion, my sister’s response was this;

“Can I get a McFlurry?” Uhh, sure. But next time I get to choose. Maple Walnut please!

Wednesday afternoon: Oxford Street and Pitt Street Mall

Me and the bf headed to Reverse Garbage on Taylor Square to find some cheap toga materials for the next night’s shindig. That place is so insanely good! This is RG’s second store (their main base is in the Addison Road Centre in Marrcikville; it is huge and totally worth a visit!) and in keeping with the setting it’s more focused on cheap design materials. I managed to get over 4 meters of beautiful dark emerald coloured material for $4! The place is full of tonnes of other stuff too; we spotted piles of straw hats, huge bundles of ribbon and kooky space vixen costumes. Only in Oxford Street!

The queue for Zara! (Getty Images)

Next we made our way over to Westfield Pitt Street Mall for the grand opening of Spanish fashion giant Zara‘s first store in Oz. What a friggin nightmare! We snaked through the velvet roped queue for a good 15 minutes; which doesn’t sound like that long, but it was just to go into a shop for chrissake! Not that getting in meant you could actually do anything. There were hoards of crazy women groping and grasping onto everything they could find, the line up for the waiting rooms ran the entire length of the shop and the queue for the checkout was just as bad. That’s not to say the stuff they have in there wasn’t worth the ordeal. Zara is pretty brilliant. I’m currently mourning over the fact that I wasn’t able to get my hands on this gem of a dress during our visit. We came at the end of the day, which was a bad idea as there was hardly anything in my size left! Fingers crossed the crazy’s will be gone soon and the lovely tulip-skirt dress will be back on the shelf in my size!

Friday: Eastern Suburbs


It was a good ol’ Friday alright! It also happened to be mother dear’s birthday (I’m not allowed to say which one!) so the fam decided to visit my side of town. After taking a wrong turn on the way to Coogee Beach (my bad!) we ended up in Clovelly, which turned out to be a blessing in surprise. I had never been to Clovelly before, but I am now keen to spend every day of every Summer there from now on. It’s a quirky little bay that looks like a lagoon that has morphed into a concrete swimming pool, which then opens itself out into the ginormous Tasman Sea. Overlooking the bay is Waverly Cemetery, which gave the place a sort of creepy vibe. After checking out the view and growing increasingly annoyed that I hadn’t brought my swimmers and snorkelling gear, we headed off for lunch. We ate at the lovely Clovelly Hotel, which had great water views and a very pretty outdoor terrace. Although I thought the menu was a little pricey for pub food, my cynicism was brushed aside when I saw just how big the portions were. On my plate was a chicken parmigiana as big as my head, a decent serving of chips and a delicious coleslaw-type salad (I don’t remember exactly what was in it, it disappeared quite quickly).

Afterwards we decided to take a scenic drive up the coastline, and to stop and Bondi for ice-cream. Driving down Bondi Rd we spotted the enticingly titled House Of Chocolates. Needless to say everyone raced out of the car. The place sells hand made gourmet chocolates, as well as international brands and traditional favourites. And don’t even get me started on the ice-cream! Soooo much to chose from. After umming and ahhing for a good 10 minutes I finally picked Peanut Butter Disaster, a flavour from the Marrickville based Serendipity. It was heaven in a plastic tub! We drove on through North Bondi, Dover Heights, Vaucluse and Rose Bay. In true coastie fashion we spent most of the time sniggering at the rich people and the ugly architecture they’d commissioned years ago believing it to be trendy. We forgot the fact that ugly architecture is totally worth it if you can see the Harbour from one side of your house and the ocean from the other. *Sigh!*

So that’s the week that was. Next week I’ll be at the Enmore working up a fit of giggles at Stephen K Amos, having another go at Zara and embarking on a rare encounter into the Sydney nightlife, like normal people my age should. If you have any suggestions as to what else I could do to liven up my mid-sem break, please do share!



Oestrogen Love Fest 2011

3 Mar

aka International Women’s Day in taking place on Tuesday March 8.
This year IWD turns 100, and for those out of the loop, this is not a day to celebrate  boobs, sandwiches and PMS. Instead it is a day where we celebrate the achievements of women all around the world and use these achievements to inspire and empower others.
Unfortunately IWD doesn’t really have the same standing it does in other countries. Did you know it’s an official holiday in almost 30 countries and women get honoured with small presents and flowers?!
Anyways, there will still be a few cool events running on Tuesday if you’re feeling the lady love.
Crafternoon Tea @ Reverse Garbage

This place is so rad. You can get lost in here for hours looking through piles of old children’s video boxes and kitsch 3D pictures of puppies and flowers. If you have never been to Reverse Garbage, it’s basically a not-for-profit co op not unlike a giant industrial style reject shop. There are two in Sydney, the original giant shed within the grounds of the Addison Road Centre in Marrickville and more recently a more designer/artist friendly addition in Taylor Square. This Crafternoon Tea will be taking place at the former from 2.30 – 4pm, so make sure you’re there to get creative, help the planet and eat cake with a bunch of other lovely ladies.


WOW Film Festival

If you haven’t had enough of short films since Tropfest, pop into Customs House from 12.15 – 1pm. To kick off the Annual World Of Women Film Festival and celebrate the centenary of IWD, the event will showcase a selection of  short films made by women. There will also be a Q&A session with the Festival Director Sil-Nyin Cameron so head along to see some great shorts and support women in film.


Leona Edmiston Luncheon

If you have $130 dollars lying around, why not join Leona Edmiston to celebrate her label’s 10 year anniversary and IWD all in one hit. You’ll get to enjoy a 3 course lunch with matching wines, a fashion parade of Edmiston’s AW11 collection and a few words from the lady herself about her inspiration for the collection and views on & tips for this season’s trends. The luncheon will take place at Pendolino in the Strand Arcade at 12:30pm.

If you have another $130 lying around after you’ve booked your ticket, why not take me with you?


Jurassic Lounge

Jurassic Lounge is going all girly on us, adding a few lady bits to their regular Tuesday night activities. Alongside the creepy skeletons and pythons doing the rounds, there will be tarot card readings, Cunningpants of Snatch & Grab Dj’s in the Silent Disco, as well as a screening of Dena Curtis’ documentry 8 Ladies (don’t worry, there will almost definitely be more than 8 ladies there on the night!).

$15 entry on the door includes a free drink, so head to the Australian Museum between 5:30 and 9:30pm.


Happy IWD! Don’t forget, small presents and flowers would be greatly appreciated.


Your friends,