Ways to avoid a boring July

5 Jul

underbelly arts festival

This time last year I remember getting up on dark, disgustingly cold mornings, catching the bus to circular quay and hopping on a very windy ferry to Cockatoo Island. Why the hell did I do that? Because scattered around the island were hundreds of amazing art works as part of the Sydney Biennale, and I got to roam around them with a walkie talkie! Awesome. It was the perfect setting, countless sculptures, photos paintings and films were hidden and weaved between the island’s mess of abandoned buildings. Thankfully others have picked up on how rad this place is and are putting it to great use. This month the Underbelly Arts Festival will be taking over, with two weeks of workshops, talks and tours in the lead up to the major festival day on July 16. Until the 12th, resident artists will be giving a behind the scenes preview of their festival projects, as well as a chance to join in on their creation. With over 150 artists working on 24 projects, Underbelly 2011 is definitely worth the windy ferry ride.

world press photo 2011

You know those stupidly posed photos of grinning MPs shaking hands with school kids , or angry citizens looking at potholes in their street that always seem to be in your local paper? They will not be in this exhibition. The State Library will be showcasing the award winning photos from this years Word Press Photo competition. The exhibition features the best photo journalists from around the world and and offers a range of confronting and enlightening global perspectives. Drop by the library before it ends on the 24th, it’s totally free.

secret wars

So on the website this thing promotes itself as a Fight Club-esque battle of artists held in the shadowy underworld of the city. Really it’s just a bunch of hipsters gathering at Oxford Art Factory to watch some art in the making. It’s cool, but not a young-Brad-Pitt-shirtless-and-bloody type of cool. Artists are given just 90 minutes, black paint and a white wall to make something awesome and hopefully a place in the final. The next round will be taking place on Wednesday July 20 and tickets are $12

fbi social

So that temporary residency thing that fbi had at the Kings Cross Hotel? Totally permanent now! Every Thursday-Saturday  fbi will be bringing you more parties, performances and events on level 2. And what better way to celebrate than with a huge freakin party this Friday? There will be four whole floors of amazing Sydney acts playing all night for just $15!

bastille day

What is it with July and national pride? First it was Canada Day (eyy?), then Independence Day, now the French are getting in on the action too. At least it gives us a good excuse to eat nothing but croissants and nutella crepes all day (you guys can keep the snails and fois gras, eurgh!). Also a bonus is the amazing Bastille Day shindig Alliance Française de Sydney is holding at the City Hotel. Featuring free champagne on arrival, DJ’s till late and a “cabaret extraordinaire” all for just $15 (that is if you’re under 30, but it’s not like you’ll be taking your parents with you).


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