another week, some more stuff to do

30 Mar


This video game meets walking tour takes you back to depression era Sydney to explore the seedy underworld that once dominated Darlinghurst and the Eastern Suburbs. Find out all about the bordello queens and coke barons who terrified Sydney siders for years, and get wrapped up in their world of sly grog, drug dens and razor wars. You’ll be given a nifty GPS movie player to guide you around on your quest and one hour to complete the game. It’s a great (and free!) way to learn more about the city’s sleazy history and discover a pretty rad area while you’re at it.

Visit here to book –

Fools Rush In

April Fools Day may not have the same reputation as St Pat’s or Oktoberfest as a boozy-good-times holiday, but heck, it’s week five! We’ll take any excuse to get loose. Lucky for us then than the impossibly cool people from will be taking over FBi Social at the Kings Cross Hotel this Friday for Fools Rush In. The night will feature a gazillion of Sydney’s best DJ’s (plus a member of the Chaser!) playing classic party jams and indie anthems till late. It is a subscriber only event, but hey, signing up to a very rad and very free newsletter is totally worth it.

It’s a free event, just make sure you head here to sign up & RSVP –


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