Hello, nice to meet you. We’re aroundsydney!

23 Feb

Who: aroundsydney

What: A new blog about the awesome things that are constantly happening in and around this beautiful city

Where: Here at http://aroundsydney.wordpress.com/

When: Check in every week for new events, reviews and news.

Hello there fellow young Sydney siders. Welcome to aroundsydney!

Are you stuck in your dreary bedroom with nothing better to do than browse aimlessly around the interwebs? Sucks, dunnit? Well no more! You have come to the right blog. Here I will be sharing with you all the amazing things you could be getting up to, from parties, exhibitions, festivals, sales and neat little outings you can do yourself.

Wether you’re bored out of your mind or just unable to get through the crazy amount of event emails you’ve signed up for in the past, this is the blog for you. Just check in each week to find out what’s going on in, around and about town.

And please, if you know of anything rad happening in our fair city drop me a line so we can share the love.

Your friends,



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